17th Century Works for Horn (Baroque)

Johann Beer, Concerto in B Major for Hunting Horn, Posthorn, Strings and Basso Continuo

Michel Corrette, Concerto Comique in C Major, no. 14 for Horn, Hurdy-Gurdy, 2 Violins, and Continuo, “La Choisy”

Peter Johann Fick, Concerto in Eb for Corno da caccia

Christopher Förster, Horn Concerto No. 1 in Eb

August Heinrich Gehra, Concerto in D Major

Carl Heinrich Graun, Concerto for Horn in D Major

Anton Joseph Hampel, Concerto for Horn in D Major

Johann David Heinichen, Concerto in F for Two Horns and Strings

Georg Melchior Hoffman, Concerto for Horn No. 2

Johann Georg Knechtel, Concerto for Horn in F Major

Johann Melchior Molter, Horn Concerto in D Major

Johann Baptist Georg Neruda, Horn Concerto in Eb

František Xaver Pokorný, Horn Concerto in D

Johann Joachim Quantz, Horn Concerto No, 9 in Eb

Friedrich Wilhelm Riedt, Concerto for Horn

Johann Georg Röllig, Horn Concerto No. 14 in D

Georg Philip Teleman, Horn Concerto in D, TWV 51:D8

Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto for Two Horns in F, RV539