Integrated Brass Techniques

Integrated Brass Techniques: is an open-source, interactive, online resource for college-level music education students written, composed, arranged, and transcribed by Jason M. Johnston.

The brass focused text is designed to guide music education students through the basic history and physics of brass instruments, the process of sound creation, instrument assessment and familiarization, teaching objectives, educational troubleshooting, administrative advice, as well as up-to-date gear and repair suggestions.

The text can be used within a traditional university lecture structure, or used along side a hybrid-model class structure, or can be used solely as an online resource for those already in the workforce.

Your Body

In order to get a proper understanding of brass instruments, student’s must first understand what is necessary before ever touching one.

The Horns

Although the brass family is approached using a similar execution of pre-mouthpiece mechanics, it becomes dramatically different when engaging with each instrument individually.

Teaching, Gear, and Repair

Knowing how to approach each young brass player and employing your resourcefulness will make at least one part of your job efficient

Let’s learn and play together.