The Routine

Routine Development ~ Get Your Vibration to Function!

Your daily routine should take no more than 25 to 30 minutes and may or may not include any warmup material. For those of you serious about taking the horn to the professional level, you will need to include three “set” routines each day. Below you will find four distinct sets that cover a gamut of material you need to play and improve each day.

The first three sets include material developed by major horn players and teachers with an added twist that has helped my students with their development of proper mechanics and technique.


The warmup set needs to be short, efficient, and nimble.

Low Flow Warmup
Extended Low Flow
Three Note Warmup
Mouthpiece Buzzing

Johnston Technique Routine
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Initial Attacks
Single Tongue
Double Tongue – Yancich
Triple Tongue – Yancich
High Horn Flex
Low Tilz
Arpeggiated Intervals
Diminished Arpeggios
Lip Trills v. 1 / Lip Trills v.2
Slur Study

The Drone Center

Extension Slurs in F
Spyder Drill in F
Ti-Re Expansion in F
Rider Double Tonguing in F
Audiate and Attack in F
The Expansion Drill
Modal Scales in F
Modal Scales in B
Long Tones

Other Routine Items

Free Buzzing – Caruso
Initial Attack Triads
Revised Slurs

Tryon Scales and Arpeggios
Caruso Intervals – 2nd
Triple Tonguing