Freelance Performance – What is inside my Gig Bag?

Mouthpiece: Houser San Francisco #2 Cup/E 17.75mm rim – they are expensive.
For Students: I HIGHLY recommend you purchase and use a Laskey 75G mouthpiece. It is affordable, comfortable, and consistent on many different types of horns.

Horn: Englebert Schmid Eb Triple – they are expensive
For Students: A Conn 8D is the best way to start on the horn. A good one can last you from childhood through a budding career as a performer or teacher. Be sure to research a used “Vintage” model pre-1970.


  • Ion Balu Straight Mute
  • Tom Crown Stop Mute
  • Mute Bag

Gig Bag: Marcus Bonna MB3 and ProTech iPac
For Students: A Gig Bag is a great way to transport your bulky instrument.

  • Fixed Bell: Marcus Bonna MB2
  • Detatchable Bell: ProTec iPac

Mouthpiece Pouch: Marcus Bonna or ProTec


Small Tools: Something WILL go wrong

Visualizer: Brass Romera or Cutaway

Joachim Dolling Pressure Device


Dürk Slide Lock

Korg TM-40 Digital Tuner Metronome

Snark Tuner

Ear Buds

Pencil Clip and Pencil

4 Large Key Rings

Valve Oil/Slide Grease