Paul Basler, Canciones for Horn and Piano

CANCIONES by Paul Basler

PUBLISHER: 2004, RM Williams Publishing
COST: ~$16.00
LENGTH: 123 measures, approx. 8m15s
SPOTIFY: Charles Snead, Harambee
iTUNES: Charles Snead, Harambee
GRADE/DIFFICULTY (1 easy, 6 very difficult): 3.5
RANGE (horn pitch):
MUSC 5036 - 2021C.Horn Annotated Bibs - Johnston5
Paul Basler (b. 1963) is a Fulbright Lecturer and is currently Associate Professor of Horn at the University of Florida. He is an active composer and clinician throughout the world having served as artist in residence or Culture Affairs Specialist in Kenya, Turkey, and the Dominican Republic. His compositions have reached far and wide and he has been the recipient of several grants from the National Endowment of the Arts. Basler’s contribution to the horn repertoire has been stupendous and he has been specifically composing to fill the needs of certain portions of the repertoire in order to help create a more diverse compositional palette.

Canciones was specifically written to fill that niche. Commissioned by Myrna Meeroff, Basler wrote this set of three lyrical, connected songs in order to fill the void of recent horn literature for that genre. The first song is a loving conversation between the horn and piano. The soaring melodies in the horn are gracefully supported by the piano leading the listener to yearn for the love they already have. The second song is a stark contrast to the first bringing focus to the journey to find love which occasionally has a hard time finding its footing but eventually becomes stable and determined by the third song – the Lullaby. Canciones is beautiful from top to bottom, in which Basler takes full advantage of his knowledge of the beauty and power of the horn, to compose from the heart, for the heart.