Technique Based Routine

In an effort to grow, all young horn players must take the time to focus on horn specific tasks necessary to become efficient. This is the challenging stuff: articulations, slurs, range extension, lip trills, etc.

The most challenging part is trusting the process and starting slow. Check your ego at the practice room door. These obligatory exercises take a very, very long time to develop, like… years!

If you are interested in what I have my university students work on, please click on the link below:

Technique Matrix

This site is constantly being updated. If a hyperlink is inactive, I am currently updating the exercise.


Initial Attacks

Single Tongue
Fox Tones

Double Tongue

Triple Tongue

Slur and Interval Studies

Interval Study #1
Major – 2 octaves

Interval Study #2
Minor – 2 octaves

Interval Study #3

Do not be surpassed by those who want it more.