TMUS 8219 – Solo Recital

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TMUS 8219 Solo Recital Proposal – Sent to committee on February 23, 2015

TMUS 8219 Solo Recital Programs

TMUS 8219 Solo Recital Extended Program Notes

TMUS 8219 Solo Recital Video (YouTube)*

*The video card which holds the recital held on campus at CU – Boulder is corrupt. I am unable to retrieve the recording. There is an audio recording of the recital listed below. The video above is the same recital program held three days prior to my on campus recital. It was attended by Dr. Margaret McDonald and held at the University of Wyoming.

TMUS 8219 Solo Recital Audio Only (below) – Imig Music Building, Grusin Concert Hall.
Bozza En foret

Basler Canciones

Koetsier Scherzo Brillante

Ross A Wandering Voice Mvt. 1

Ross A Wandering Voice Mvt. 2

Ross A Wandering Voice Mvt. 3

Wolfe Jekyll & Hyde

Berge Horn-Lokk

Nelhybel Scherzo Concertante

Naigus Episodes Mvt. 1

Naigus Episodes Mvt. 2

Naigus Episodes Mvt. 3

Naigus Episodes Mvt. 4

Naigus Episodes Mvt. 5

Naigus Episodes Mvt. 6

Naigus Episodes Mvt. 7